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Look, if your only exposures to the movements of God were headlines and news articles, you’d be dismayed, disappointed, and distressed—understandably. Journalists and statisticians profess doom and gloom, secular and Christian ones alike. They say people of faith are divided by politics, theology, and scandal—and we are. They write that church attendance is declining—and it is. They inform us that the “nones” (people not identifying with religion) are increasing in staggering numbers—and they are.

But those headlines miss the much larger story.

➸ In our world today, God is moving as powerfully as ever before.

“For I the Lord do not change” (Malachi 3:6, ESV).

Therefore, we must look through and beyond the distractions, arguments, and consternations—to discover and discern what he’s up to. It’s the most important thing in the world. No breaking news, no political dust-up, no new poll numbers, nothing else comes anywhere close.

We must awaken to his presence here and now and always. We must come alive to his love, wisdom, provision, and peace—and strive to come into ever deeper, ever closer relationship with him. Because he moves for us. He works on our behalf. He moves so you and I and anyone else who wants it “may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10, ESV). He moves because he’s the God of the furthest reaches of the universe and an outrageously extravagant father who loves and loves and loves to bless and be with his children.

Here’s one way we at Rapt see God moving today ➸ We look around and find ourselves living in a golden age of technology, content, and discipleship. Breakthroughs in publishing, filmmaking, recording, podcasting, and software are enabling a large and growing faction of the faithful to encounter God (and one another) in ways that are innovative and profound.

That’s huge. It’s something to be shouted from the rooftops, and we’re doing that. But we’re not the only ones with something to proclaim. It’s noisy out there. Researchers at UC San Diego estimate that the average American is bombarded with something like 34 gigabytes of information each and every day. This translates, they say, into approximately 100,000 words, counting those read in print and online, and those heard on television, podcasts, and radio. By way of comparison, Herman Melville’s Moby Dick contains 209,117 words.

That’s why we created Rapt—to cut through the noise and curate an essential selection of ideas and resources that will usher you into God’s presence and brighten the next stretch of your spiritual journey. We help you uncover and recover the most interesting, excellent, hallowed and indispensable, current and convenient ways of meeting and experiencing the Ancient of Days, our Abba Father. We spotlight books, fiction and nonfiction, devotionals, studies, films, podcasts, tech, habits, music, art, poetry, and so much more.

So, that’s what Rapt’s all about—encountering God. We’re a magazine for the few who will settle for nothing less than the astonishing gift of God’s presence.

Now, you might be thinking, what entitles you to curate stuff for me? Well, we do loads of interviews with lots of fascinating people:

➸ World-class leaders and entrepreneurs
➸ Culture-changing pastors and professors
➸ Blue-ribbon writers and filmmakers
➸ Front-line musicians and mystics
➸ Cutting-edge artists and comedians—and even a magician, too

We get to ask them questions and immerse ourselves in their testimonies—deep in their stories of God’s love and grace flowing through their lives.

We then pull data points from those hundreds of conversations—suggestions, recommendations, endorsements, stories—and enter those into our exclusive database, right alongside data from the New York Times, ECPA, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists, the Billboard and K-Love spin charts, and data from outlets like, Rotten Tomatoes, Christian Cinema, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Apple, Substack, Spotify, and Goodreads.

So, data. But the best kind of data: testimony data. That’s what makes Rapt an award-winning thing. That’s why you can trust our curation.

So, here it is ➸ We do the work. You get the stuff that matters. Ideas and resources that connect you most easily, deeply, and often with God.

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I’m an inkslinger and storyteller with a heart for adventure. I founded Gather Ministries with my wife, Jenn, and manage Rapt, an online magazine designed to curate an essential selection of ideas and resources to usher you into God’s presence.